Staff and Senior Information Systems Analyst (Series) Examination
California Department of Human Resources

Staff and Senior Information Systems Analyst (Series)

Terms of Use Agreement

Screen reader users. You may be required to change modes within your screen reader often throughout this examination process.

The terms and conditions to apply for and take this exam are included below. You must indicate your agreement to them by checking the boxes below. If you do not check the boxes, you will not be allowed to continue with the exam process.

Exam Responses
The information you provide on this examination is expected to be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and must contain no willful misrepresentations or falsifications. If it is later determined that you have made any false or inaccurate representations in any of the information you have provided, you may be removed from the examination and/or eligible list resulting from this examination, suffer loss of State employment, and/or suffer loss of right to compete in any future State of California hiring processes. You are the person solely responsible for the accuracy of the responses you provide.

Retaking the Exam
Retaking this exam under another or a new User I.D. and password, Social Security Number (voluntary, not required, information), or name is not allowed. If you do retake this exam before the six (6) months are up, the new result will be inactivated, and you will have to wait six (6) months from the date of the newest record to retake the exam. This may result in your eligibility expiring from the list, and you having a period of ineligibility before you may retake the exam.